James is a Texas native and began pursuing his passion for wood when he relocated to Alberta in 2000. He had found a  new hobby while pursuing his career in the oil and gas industry.

James loved the idea of taking something old and making it new again. The idea for rentals started with a cupcake stand. A friend of the family asked him to build her one for her own wedding. It was a beautiful 3 tiered piece and promised to be the center of attention on her dessert table once displayed. When it was finished, she asked if she could rent it instead of purchasing it. After all, what would she do with a large rustic wood cupcake stand in her home?

One idea started to flow into another and James began to craft handmade benches in his spare time from beautiful reclaimed buildings. He sourced the wood from all over Alberta and the Calgary area.  The older the building, the more unique the pieces would become.

James decided to take his hobby to the next level in February of 2017. He wanted the opportunity to chase a dream and fulfill a passion, so he left his job and started his next chapter in woodworking.  Sights were set on expanding his collection of rental furniture. He researched ideas for complimentary furniture to include in his collection. Harvest farm tables, wooden event arches and a rustic wine and cocktail bar were built. Accent pieces such as dessert stands, easels, wood slices and crates were handmade to be added to his ever-growing inventory.

James and his wife Cathy eventually relocated to the beautiful foothills of Alberta where James now has a home -based woodshop with scenic views to the Rocky Mountains.

 James always enjoys researching the history of the wood so he can share it with the families who experience it. He often wonders what stories the wood would tell about each individual mark and characteristic. Each piece is as unique as the story that comes with it. Some of the furniture is created with rustic pieces well over 100 years old. He has created an environmentally sustainable product that breathes new life into something that was once considered to have lived out its usefulness.

 James's tables, arches and benches can be seen in several wedding magazines including Confetti. The fine craftsmanship of the furniture can give a taste of the countryside life with their thoughtful designs that truly set them apart from generic rental options that are available.

James loves bringing happiness to others by providing the story of these unique furniture pieces. He hopes to make your event a part of the rich history that continues to live on in these exquisitely handcrafted pieces.